Are you suffering from Lame Name Shame?

Chip Landmass? Viva LeTruckstop? How about Blunter “Golden Fists” Lighswallow, III? Even though these are all clearly brilliant character names, drenched in dignity and depth…they may not be right for your current project.  And you can only name so many characters Bill and Sarah.  You want your characters to have the appropriate moniker, right?  So, where can you turn for a little

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Welcome to the revolu–hang on. I have a call.

Did it happen while you were sitting on a film set? Perhaps it was in the editing bay? Or maybe when you were finally sick of playing iFart Mobile. You had a sudden realization that the foul-sounding-distraction in your hand might possibly serve a greater purpose.   It can help you make your movie! For me, that moment came when

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