HandStand Case Perfect for iPads used on Set

Not all iPad cases are created equal. In fact, most are created craptacular. Fortunately, once in a while, a case comes along that really shines. And today, that shining case is the HandStand.

Available for iPad 1 and 2 ($49.95), the HandStand allows users to strap their iPad to their hand — perfect for someone who is constantly on the go, but is always accessing their iPad. Unlike other hand-strap style cases, the HandStand feels rugged and built-to-last. Bringing any gear to a film set is a risky proposition. Things get knocked around all the time. That’s reason enough to consider the HandStand when shopping for your next case.

When I first saw this case back at Macworld, I immediately thought of A.D.s (Assistant Directors), Line Producers, and U.P.M.s (Unit Production Mangers). I recently worked with an A.D. who accessed his iPad as much as his walkie talkie…and that’s really saying something. I think the HandStand would have made his life considerably easier.

There are other advantages to the HandStand (like, why it has the word stand in its name), but I won’t ruin the surprise. Check out the video below for my full review.

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5 Responses

  1. Like I needed another reason to want an iPad, but thanks for giving me one anyway. 🙂

  2. I own one of these for my iPad 1 and love it. Like you guys said – it’s GREAT for on-set use. But I think it’s a little clumsy for home use. I’ve got another case for home. Keep up the great work!

  3. Hi Dr. Gun (or is that Dr. Blue?),

    The strap is not adjustable, but I found it very comfortable. The strap was snug, but not painful. My hand is pretty large (hello, ladies), so your milage may vary.


  4. Hi Reese! You’re welcome. 🙂 If you need any more reasons, check out OmniGraffle (expensive & powerful) or TouchDraw (much less expensive & less powerful). They’re great for on-set camera and actor blocking diagrams. Good stuff!

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