From the Director’s Chair: Who You Gonna Call?

I recently directed a pilot presentation for a comedy series titled Polterguys. It’s sort of a Ghost Hunters meets Reno 911 kinda thing. I was luck enough to work with a group of terrific comedic actors. It’s not often you get to have that much fun on set. I’m really hoping the show gets picked up. It would be a blast to direct on a regular basis! Any network heads out there? Wanna buy a show?

If you’d like to watch the three minute presentation, you can view it on my directing web site (www.TazGoldstein.com).

It was a VERY short shoot, so efficiency was extremely important. I relied heavily on Storyboard Composer for doing quick previsualizations, and Artemis Director’s Viewfinder to line up my shots. Good times!

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