CES: Bandshell improves your iPhone’s Speaker

The Bandshell iPhone case aims to solve a long-standing problem — poor speaker performance. If you’ve ever tried watching a video in a somewhat noisy environment, you know that the iPhone’s odd speaker prevents good listening levels.

When I show producers my directing work, I often have to cup my hand over the speaker to manually re-direct the sound towards their ears.  …and that’s exactly what the Bandshell case does.  A built-in, slide-out door re-directs sound towards the viewer.  Simple and effective.


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2 Responses

  1. Could that be made so that you could use it to enhance pickup of audio when video taping? I made one for my iPhone case that you could flip the direction it reflected the sound.

  2. Hi B,

    Since the mic is almost right next to the speaker, I imagine it would help. I wish I had thought to try that when I was there.


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