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When I renovated the site in 2011, I merged all the sections together. As a result, this post has been nullified.

Hi all!

As founder of Hand Held Hollywood, I’ve tried to keep the site chock full of useful news, reviews, and tutorials. However, since our launch late last year, there have been times I’ve wanted to post other stuff…the sort of stuff that doesn’t easily fit into a Latest News category.

For instance, I’d love to share my thoughts on HHH’s future, and hopefully get some constructive feedback. I want to describe the projects I’m directing, and how I use my tech on set.  I’ve wanted to share some emails I’ve received from HHH readers.  And I’ve wanted to bitch… a lot… like how AT&T couldn’t keep a call connected with vice grips and crazy glue.

For these reasons and several others, I’ve added the Director’s Chair.  A new area for all the other stuff.  You can find it under the News menu item or just click here.

I’d love to hear from you, so please feel free to comment.  And thanks for being an HHH reader!


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3 Responses

  1. That’s a great idea! But most of the stories would just sound like this: "Darryl called Emil and ass. And then Emil called Tom a f*cker. And then Tom punched Joey in the arm. And then Joey was mad that Darryl was winning." — at least that’s how it goes at my weekly game. But, you already knew that, Jerry.

  2. Leaving in the morning to start shooting my project and while I don’t WANT to encounter stuff to bitch about, reality dictates that there will be. I’ll contribute what I can. BTW, I downloaded Artemis Directors Viewfinder thanks to HHH. I plan on using it during the shoot for more than just scoping M&M’s on the craft service bench (no table, it’s not in the budget.)

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