Day: February 3, 2011

MacWorld ’11: ModulR intros wildly Versatile iPad Case. Awesome for A.D.s!

When I’m on set directing, I don’t want any unnecessary distractions… like losing my iPad.  Which is exactly what happened a couple of months ago.  It turned up during a company move, but for those few hours it was missing, I was totally stressed.  I joked about making a custom strap, so I could sling my iPad over my shoulder like a laptop bag, or around my neck like Flava Flav’s watch.  Looks like someone beat me to it! If you’re an Assistant Director or someone who’s always running around set with your iPad, check out the modulR iPad case.

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FilmmakingStuff.com gets its own App

Looks like our friends at FilmmakingStuff.com have launched their very own FREE app!  It’s appropriately titled Jason Brubaker’s Filmmaking Stuff, and it looks pretty sweet. Here’s a snippit from its App Store description: This filmmaking app provides resources for independent filmmaker, including tips and tricks on how to take a story idea from script to screen, including scriptwriting, producing, finance, shooting, editing, directing, marketing, distribution and how to build an audience. The Filmmaking Stuff app also has articles detailing how to make money making movies – including interviews with Hollywood Producers, Directors, writers and other filmmaking professionals.

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