Day: September 26, 2009


DV EXPO: Jonathan Houser, Creator of Hitchcock

It’s no secret to Hand Held Hollywood readers that I’m a huge fan of a storyboarding app named Hitchcock. And now that Apple has made it one of their ‘featured’ apps in the iTunes store, it’s attracting many more fans every day. While roaming the halls of the DV Expo, I was able to catch up with Hitchcock’s creator, Jonathan Houser. I asked him a few questions, and even got him to fess-up about some cool new features that are coming to future versions of Hitchcock.

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DV EXPO: Helios & Artemis

Nic Sadler and Toby Evetts of Chemical Wedding are already quite well know because of their amazing iPhone sun position calculator, Helios. I’m planning on covering the app very soon… but it may have to wait a bit. Why? Because these guys are about to release what may be one the niftiest filmmaking apps yet. It’s called Artemis (the Director’s Viewfinder). I’ll let them explain. It’s currently under review at Apple, and should be hitting the app store in a week or two.

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DV EXPO: Zacuto ZGrip

Shooting video with the iPhone 3Gs typically yields some pretty shaky results. That’s why you might want to consider adding an iPhone grip to your equipment list. There are two grips that have crossed my radar in recent days: The OWLe (which is just now entering production), and Zacuto’s ZGrip. Fortunately, Zacuto had a booth at the expo, so I was able to get my hands on the ZGrip Jr. and Pro. They both felt solid, and very well made. Both improved the stability of my shots, though not by an enormous amount (it’s still an iPhone, after all).

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