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For my new short film, 2084, I needed to create the booming voice of an all-powerful, brain-washing computer overlord.  So, naturally I turned to my iPad.

Actually, that’s not entirely true. First I turned to my Mac. I spent two days searching for a vocoder plugin (for Logic Pro X), capable of transforming my actor’s performance into a synthesized computer voice without killing the comedic nuances.  I came up empty handed.  Sure, there were plenty of vocoder options (including one built into Logic), but they were either too complicated, too restrictive, or way too expensive.

THAT’S when I turned to my iPad.  And that’s when I found an amazing vocoder app called Voice Synth ($9.99).  This awesome audio tool makes it incredibly easy to alter your voice (or any audio input) with a wide range of tonal options.  You can harmonize, synthesize, and generally pulverize your voice — all live!  You can record directly into the app, and even use if for live performances with its MIDI functionality.  I won’t go into all the features, since you can read all about that here.  Instead, I’m just going to tell you how I used it during the post production of 2084.


First thing I did was record my actor into a Zoom H4N audio recorder.  I dropped all of the raw audio files into Logic Pro X (where I also mixed the finished film), and edited a complete performance. Then I piped the finished audio from my iMac directly into my iPad by using an 1/8″ cable and an iPhone/iPad audio adaptor from KV Connection.

With Voice Synth running on my iPad, I selected a vocoder preset called “Robot Gold” (the app has dozens of presets to pick from) and tweaked it just a little.  Then I played back the clean, edited performance from my iMac, and recorded the newly effected version directly in Voice Synth. After that, it was simply a matter of exporting the new recording from Voice Synth, and importing it into Final Cut Pro X where it was placed into the cut.

Using Voice Synth was a total breeze, mountains of fun, and it gave me exactly what I was looking for.  Go check it out!

2084 has just finished up its festival run and will be premiering online on February 25th, 2016.  In the meantime, I’ve embedded the trailer below.  More details can be found on the film’s website: YouMustConform.com.

Voice Synth

by Qneo

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Voice Synth

Want to sing as a popstar on AutoPitch, live-pause your voice, talk with a deep robot voice, sing freakin' guitar solos without finger skills, or beat-box drums, bass & synth all at once? Sound more male or female? Or need a professional live analog retro vocoder with 24-band equalizer, pitch shifter, sampler and an incredible visual sound design tool set? Voice Synth does all this and more, all based on your own unique voice. To get you started, we included over 200 factory presets, such as:

• AutoPitch solo, duo, telecom
• Robots Cylon, Dalek, Deep
• Instruments organ, guitar, koto
• Beat-box hihat, bass, gong, chords, lounge
• Vocoder retro, disco, eery, jazz, strobo
• Animals bird, dog, lion
• Soundscapes indian, metal, crash, spinner
• Evil child, grandma, witch
• Human baby, whisper, announcer, heavy throat
• Oddities overlord, madness, twinkle

Hearing yourself live with any of these voices is an incredible experience! Play while tweaking the four 24-band live vocoders, AutoPitch tracker, live-pause your voice, multiple voice harmony arranger with keyboard, registers and scale adjustment, spectrum stroboscope, pitch and formant shifter, sampler, 24-band equalizer, distortion, delay, chorus, reverb, arpgeggiator, and a voice designer with oscilloscope and additive, maximum and multiplicative synthesis. The free version of Voice Synth provides presets and functionality by in-app purchases with a free try-out period.

Musicians, DJs, sound designers, voice artists, take a journey into vocal sound design and discover the endless possibilities. Voice Synth is the complete voice-based synthesizer, a must-have in your audio toolbox.


• Sound engine 2x32 bit at 44.1 kHz
• All effects simultaneous, live, real-time, low-latency
• Midi, background audio
• Inter-app audio instrument/effect/host
• Audio dock compatible
• VoiceOver support

• Live-pause-your-voice
• Repeater to prevent audio-feedback (when used live with built-in mic/speaker)
• Sampler to record/import/play/pause your voice, with zoom/loop/hold, speed ±800%
• Tapes to record/play/share/export your performance to iCloud/AirDrop//FaceBook/Email etc
• 200+ factory presets, unlimited user presets, import/export

• 4 vocoders with 24 bands, 5th order filters (Natural, Robot, Breath and Designer)
• Keyboard 1.5-2.5 octaves, hold on/off, mono/24-voice-poly
• 49 registers to add voice brilliance, set a chord
• Arpeggiator with pattern/gate/speed/group keys & registers
• Equalizer with 24 bands and 10 presets (loudness, low-pass, telecom, etc)
• Pitch Shifter 8 octaves (e.g. for lion voice, tenor, gender change, child, baby, duck, squeak)
• Formant Shifter adapts voice spectrum ±1 octave (change headsize from child to giant)
• Adjustable pitch tracker
• AutoPitch (always sing in tune)
• Harmony synthesis of multiple voices in adjustable musical scale (choirs and rich 70's vocoder sounds)
• Autogain, distortion, stereo panning, delay, chorus and reverb
• Slew rate: special vocoder reverb (plucked strings, wind, thunder, storms)
• Stroboscopic gate: special vocoder effect to sample and hold your voice spectrum
• Mic thru and Vocoder mix to add in your unprocessed voice (dress up beat-boxing)
• Sync timing of sampler/arpeggiator/delay/strobo voice to create rhythms
• Noise gate, manual/automatic and frequency adaptive

Designer vocoder includes
• Real time oscilloscope, what you see is what you hear!
• Mix additive/maximum/multiplicative synthesis with phase adjustment
• Sine/square/triangle/sawtooth wave with adjustable frequency, harmonics, clipping, width, skew and slope
• Noise white/voiced, with adjustable filter and clipping (e.g. for shot noise)
• Test mode to design while bypassing your own voice

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