The Hoodi Sunshade for iPad comes to Kickstarter

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I’ve got three questions for you…

  • 1. Do you remember this year’s MacWorld/iWorld? Sure you do!
  • 2. Do you remember the Hoodi magnetic sunshade? I hope so, because it was one of the coolest things I found on the show floor (even though it wasn’t officially being exhibited). In a nutshell, the Hoodi blocks the sun from reflecting on your iPad’s screen — making it an ideal accessory for outdoor shoots. Naturally, it can block indoor lights as well.

Ok, last question…

  • 3. Would you like a Hoodi of your very own?

If you answered yes to these questions (especially that last one), it’s time to head over to the Hoodi page on to become an official backer!

Like any Kickstarter campaign, you can pledge whatever amount floats your boat, but for a minimum of $30 (a few bucks off the eventual retail price) you’ll get one of the first Hoodis (is that the proper plural form of Hoodi?) off the line. And, yup, they’ve got ‘em for the iPad Mini as well. Go get yours!

Fun Facts: the Hoodi Kickstarter video (seen below) was shot on an iPhone 4 mounted in a GLIF tripod mount, and an iPad 3 mounted in a Padcaster. Both devices were running the Almost DSLR camera app. The whole thing is very meta, don’t you think?

SOURCE: Kickstarter
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