The HHH App Directory Has Been REPLACED!

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The directory may be gone, but the all-new-and-even-better Essential Apps Guide is now online, and it rocks! What are you waiting for?

Go find your new favorite apps!

After 6 awesome years on the job, the HHH App Directory has been shut down. Why?

When the directory was first created, there were around 50 filmmaking apps in Apple’s App Store, and they were extremely difficult to find.  So, having a dedicated directory made a lot of sense.  These days, there are hundreds (if not thousands) of filmmaking apps, and Apple’s search and ratings mechanisms has vastly improved.  So, while a dedicated directory is still a nice idea, it’s not as valuable as it once was, and it’s been getting more and more difficult to maintain.

Hand Held Hollywood has always been about helping media makers find the apps they need.  While the directory may be gone, it will soon be replaced with what I feel will be a more valuable resource — curated lists of the best filmmaking apps currently available.  (UPDATE: THE NEW GUIDE IS NOW ONLINE!)

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