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I’ve been a big fan of Index Card (for iPad) since its initial release in August of 2010. The app lets you create and organize digital index cards on a virtual cork board . It’s a great tool for iDevice owning writers who are looking for a little help structuring their stories.

Now, DenVog has released a brand new version of Index Card made specifically for the iPhone!  Since an iPhone screen is so much smaller than an iPad’s, you can’t view a ton of cards at once. But, the developer has come up with a sweet way to quickly flip through cards. It reminds me of cover flow, only more 3D-afied.

You want features? Here’s you go!

  • Projects: Maintain multiple separate projects, each made up of its own cards.
  • Cards: Each card is a piece of your project, such as a movie scene, piece of dialog, book chapter, or source material. Cards contain a title, synopsis, and label color.
  • Card List: Visually arrange the flow of your project with the tip of a finger. Tap Edit to to drag card rows to a new location and surrounding cards will automatically reorder.
  • CardFlow: Rotate your device landscape and view your cards fullscreen. Swipe left or right to navigation through them.
  • Export: Save an RTF copy of your project to your computer via iTunes File Sharing
  • Mail: Email the current version of your project without leaving the app
  • Dropbox: Import / Export projects with the popular online file sharing service
  • iPad: Share .indexcard project files with Index Card iPad users.
  • Scrivener: Sync your project with the award-winning Mac OS X app (card title, synopsis, long text, sort order)

If you’ve never used index cards to structure your stories, you’re missing out on a fantastic technique. Here’s a very basic intro.

Index Card for iPhone

by DenVog, LLC

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Index Card for iPhone

Index Card is a corkboard writing app that helps you easily capture, organize, and compile your ideas. Whether you are an author, screenwriter, or academic researcher, Index Card can help you become a more efficient, organized writer. Download Index Card and discover why thousands of iPad owners are already using it.

• One of my favorite iPad apps, Index Card, was released as an iPhone app today! Hooray! - Dan Baker, Macedonia Films

Get Started Quickly
• Capture your ideas and store notes as they come to you
• Organize the flow of your project using a familiar corkboard interface
• Assign color labels to flag scenes, characters, or status

Create & Edit Your Story
• Write and edit using the onscreen keyboard or an iPad compatible external keyboard
• Index Card automatically saves your work as you make edits
• Changes are reflected every time you export

Made for Touch
• Touch and drag a card rows to reorder
• Tap a card to open it for editing
• Rotate landscape to swipe through your project, one card at a time
• Scroll the card list to browse your entire project

Flexible & Powerful
• Develop multiple separate projects
• Edit card title, synopsis, notes, text, color label and more…
• Track card, word, and character counts
• Enable the Long Text field for extended writing

Share Your Work
• Export as RTF or Plain Text, readable by most word processors
• Share .indexcard files with other Index Card iPad or iPhone users
• Copy projects to Dropbox, or directly to your Mac or PC using iTunes File Sharing
• Email projects without leaving the app
• Sync with Scrivener Mac OS X writing app (card title, synopsis, long text, sort order)
• Present on an external HDMI display using your iPhone 4S or later and the Apple Digital AV Adapter

• An efficient way to record and organize notes for both personal and professional projects. - AppAdvice
• I used all kinds of apps as study aids during my recent college years, but I wish I had this one. Studying vocab, taking notes, and all kinds of other education-related help would work perfectly on Index Card for iPhone. - 148apps

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