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In the past, it took tremendous effort, talent, and luck to sell a screenplay. Now, all it takes is an iPhone App. At least, that’s what the folks at Digital Thought Software are hoping.

They’ve recently released Buy My Screenplay, a collection of 10 screenplay pitches wrapped in an iPhone interface. I assume they’re hoping that someone is curious enough about their unique approach to download the app, and peruse the pitches. I was curious… so I downloaded… and perused.

I won’t tell you about the stories (No spoilers here).  But if you’re curious, you can download the app for free. If you enjoy any of the pitches, hit the Request Screenplay button, and have the full script emailed to your inbox.

Ok…Reality check. This is an absurd way to sell a screenplay. But, something I’ve learned in my 20 years as a director, screenplays get sold in absurd ways all the time. I applaud the developers of this app. They’re totally f’ing nuts. And nuts often win.

Now, if someone could create an app to replace agents…

Buy My Screenplay

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Buy My Screenplay

The ultimate in viral film marketing: A screen play bought through an iPhone App.

Want to buy a screenplay? There’s an app for that, and best of all, it’s free.

Why are we doing this? Half of Hollywood owns a phone that can run this app. Included in this app are 10 screenplay pitches by a group of award winning screenwriters. Find one you like, contact us and we will mail you the screenplay. It’s that simple.


The one school everyone is dying to get into.


Abusive coaches and hostile parents force their kids into Little League’s latest craze, boot camp on a baseball diamond. Triggering mutiny in the dugout, the kids let the “grown-ups” know they've finally crossed the line.


Missing alien – answers to “Grogo”. From Roswell, NM. Description: 4 feet tall, pale green complexion. Last seen at a convention in Vegas dressed like Elvis. Possible concealed weapon in jumpsuit. Reward if found.


BORIS, an Academy Award-winning filmmaker from ex-russian country, wants to save Hollywood from making movies that never turn a profit. As long as no one in the industry finds out that he is a local student filmmaker with a bad accent, he might just save Tinseltown from going bankrupt.

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