SketchPad: A Filmmaker’s Storyboard coming to iPad

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Attention all iPad packin’ storyboard artists! TikiBone will soon be releasing a new iPad app called SketchPad: A Filmmaker’s Storyboard.  Can you guess what it’s used for?  Go on… guess.

Currently in development, SketchPad hopes to become the ultimate tool for storyboard artists looking to make the transition to digital media.  Not to be confused with one of our all time favorite apps, Storyboard Composer, SketchPad is for people who can actually draw (or people who are under the horrible misconception that they can actually draw). While there are plenty of sketching apps already available in the App Store, SketchPad offers features, and a working environment that will feel familiar to most storyboard artists.  And based on the little we’ve seen so far, this app looks very slick!

SketchPad provides an array of flexible, virtual pens & pencils, along with a host of sharing options.  You can email PDFs of your boards, export Photoshop documents, and print 6-panel pages up to 11″x17″ (presumably using the printing functions inside the upcoming release of iOS 4.2).

Interested in trying out SketchPad before its official release?  TikiBone is looking for beta testers!  You can get more information on the official SketchPad beta program page.

TikiBone has posted no official release date or price, but we’ll get you the details as soon as we have ’em.  For now, you can watch a demo video on the TikiBone website.

“Pencils down!”

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  • Adrian

    Wow, this looks awesome! Please give me new updates when you can.

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