SHOWCASE: “Fools Parade” Music Video shot with iPhone 4s

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Looking for a little iPhone inspiration?  Want to induce a visual migraine?  Here’s a little something that might satisfy both!

Check out this very cool music video for Trumpeter Swan’s Fools Parade. It was directed, shot, and edited by Jeff Turboff.   First, he used his iPhone 4s to shoot the video. He then converted that into over 5,000 separate stills, all of which he post-processed with a neat little photo app called Phototropedelic.

It’s always exciting to see what happens when filmmakers hijack apps that were never meant for video.  Enjoy!


by Larry Weinberg

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PhotoTropedelic uses advanced image processing techniques to analyze your ordinary photographs -- translate the colors, textures, and lighting -- and draw upon the colors and symbols of 60's Pop Art to produce boldly unique art.

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