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This morning, I was extremely honored and humbled to learn that Raindance (the international organization behind the awesomely independent Raindance Film Festival and film school) named Hand Held Hollywood as one of their “TOP CINE JEWELS FOR 2016.”  In fact, we were the very first site listed in the article’s production category.  How cool is that?!  A: Very freaking cool.  The article described us as “Informative and must-have info for phone based filmmakers.”  Wow.  That made my month!

If you’re reading this because of that Raindance article, Welcome (feel free to grab a drink from the fridge and hang around for a while)!  If not, go check out Raindance.org.  In addition to being the hub for the Raindance Film Festival and film school, the site regularly posts some terrific filmmaking articles.

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