ProPrompter gets F-A-S-T, resized, and CAPPED.

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Bodelin has released an update for its outstanding iPhone teleprompter app, ProPrompter.  Version 1.2 brings some welcome changes, including new font sizes, additional scroll speeds (faster & slower), and the ability to switch your text to ALL CAPS.

When we reviewed the ProPrompter Wing a few weeks back, we would have loved more font sizes, and a faster scroll. I’m don’t think the All Caps feature would have made much of a difference for us, but it’s a nice option to have.

If you already own ProPrompter, don’t hesitate downloading the update.  If you’d like to know more about ProPrompter, check out our previous coverage:

Teleprompter? I Barely Know Her!

Product Spotlight: The ProPromtper Wing.

And… just a heads-up.  Bodelin sent over their high-end, iPhone friendly, through-the-lens teleprompter hardware (“ProMag”).  We’ll be reviewing it shortly.  Stay tuned!

This app is now called ProPrompter Studio

ProPrompter Studio

by Bodelin, Inc.

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ProPrompter Studio

Developed by professional teleprompter manufacturer Bodelin Technologies, ProPrompter Studio is made exclusively for IOS 7 devices and is based on the original ProPrompter App but with an expanded feature set for reliable multiple iPads prompting for multiple cameras not found in other teleprompter apps. NEW v1.1 feature includes front facing video record while prompting, made specifically for use with ProPrompter Desktop® hardware

ProPrompter Studio features remote control for as many as three Apple iOS devices with a fourth IOS device as your remote control master. Other professional settings include a selection of fonts, font sizes, background colors, scroll speeds, mirroring, looping, landscape, portrait and automatic orientation modes, adjustable countdown, cue points for fast re-cueing, support for international language fonts, editing, direct script creation and a complete help menu. New v1.1 includes front facing video recording while prompting. This is made specifically for use with ProPrompter Desktop® hardware.

Scrolling is smooth and can be adjusted on-the-fly with scroll slider control. Readability is excellent even in bright sunlight. Perfect for podcasts, field reporting, corporate videos, commercials, steadicams, jib shots, music videos and live speeches.

Made in Oregon by Bodelin Technologies, the creators of the award winning and highly mobile ProPrompter teleprompters. Bodelin created ProPrompter Studio with the highest regard to quality and full featured prompting capabilities to serve the tens of thousands of professional customers who depend upon it.

Attach your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch to any camera with ProPrompter Hardware. Visit

Feature Summary:
- Remote Control up to three iOS devices running ProPrompter Studio from a fourth iOS device over Bluetooth, WiFi or peer to peer WiFi. NOTE: All devices must be running iOS 7 (or later) and ProPrompter Studio. Multiple remote control does not interoperate with the original ProPrompter app. Peer to peer WiFi requires an AirDrop capable device.
- Create or edit scripts in the text editor
- Upload/Download scripts via email copy/paste or use our script manager site for those with no email.
- Choose background color, font, font size, and font color
- ALL CAPS option for any font selection
- Landscape, Portrait and Automatic prompter orientation
- Multiple scroll speed presets
- On the fly scroll control and reverse with our on screen slider
- Cue points for fast re-cueing
- Adjustable countdown
- NEW v1.1 feature includes front facing video record while prompting and adjustable margins, made specifically for use with ProPrompter Desktop® hardware.
- Loop function for multiple takes
- Mirror function for use with the ProPrompter HDi or the ProMag
- Extensive help menu

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