Product Spotlight: The ProPrompter Wing

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A few weeks back we posted a story featuring apps that can turn your iPhone into a handy-dandy teleprompter.  Our favorite application was (and still is) Bodelin’s ProPrompter ($9.99). It’s flexible, loaded with features, and scrolls text smoothly.  Despite the convenience of a teleprompter in your pocket, one problem remained.  How do you keep your iPhone close to your camera lens while shooting?

Bodelin is looking to solve the problem with a low-cost camera mount called the ProPrompter Wing.

They sent us one of these aluminum bad-boys last week.  After running a few tests, we’re ready to share what we’ve learned.  We’ll even explain a couple tricks for achieving the best results.

Get your own ProPrompter Wing on Amazon.

Find the ProPrompter App for iPhone in the iTunes App Store.

Learn more about the ProPrompter Wing by visiting Bodelin’s Web Site.

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  • Simon Winter

    COOL! I read about that in the other post. I really wanted to see it working. Thanks!

  • Todd Cannon

    Thanks for the review, Taz. Will the Wing only work with an iPhone? I would think it could hold just about any PDA or smartphone.

  • Taz Goldstein

    Hi Todd,

    You’re absolutely correct. Bodelin calls it a Mobile Device Clip, so clearly it’s meant for any PDA or Smartphone. They also sell a 7" LCD that can mount on the wing (just in case you’re using your iPhone for other stuff… like Rolando).


  • Martin

    I’m glad you are testing the ProMag too. It looks cool, but heavy. Please let us know about the weight.

  • Taz Goldstein

    Hi Martin,

    Will do!


  • Felix

    seems very nice…but im wondering about light pollution coming from the iphone… by having it so close to lens…i guess there would be no problem in well lit environment but what about when you dont have that light…would the iPhone pollute with his display brightness ?

  • Taz Goldstein

    Hi Felix,

    Interesting question. I don’t think you’d have problems with contamination unless you were shooting under VERY low light conditions. The iPhone light shouldn’t enter the lens directly assuming it’s positioned properly. And if it’s being reflected of your subject face, then you’re way too close to your talent anyway. If all else fails, you can dim the iPhone screen… of course that makes it harder to read. I’m guessing you could find a healthy balance with a little trial and error. All that said, I’ve never shot with a teleprompter under very low light conditions, so I may be off base. Anyone else have any thoughts?


  • Dean S

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for showing what it’s like to USE the ProPrompter Wing. I’ve seen so many videos that show people unwrapping it and showing what it looks like, etc. Finally it was helpful to SEE what it’s like, especially when you showed test video of someone reading from it (different distances were much appreciated). I think I might buy a ProPrompter Wing after seeing this video. Keep up the good work. Nice open, btw.

  • Taz Goldstein

    Hi Dean,

    Glad you liked the video! And thanks very much for the kind words. Always appreciated.

    We’re testing out the OWLE Bubo this weekend. Can’t wait!


  • Dietrich

    Hi Taz,
    Do you know if the Proprompter app (or any other app) can output video from the iPhone to an external screen?

  • Taz Goldstein

    Hi Dietrich,
    So far I haven’t seen any teleprompter apps that support video out from the iPhone or iPad, although it seems like a very logical feature to have. Based on my understanding of the iPhone OS, it wouldn’t be that tough to add. Just a few lines of code. But… nothing yet. If I come across it, I’ll post about it for sure.

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