Lumu Light Meter

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Lumu Light Meter

"The essence of Lumu Power is its ability to instantly become the color meter you always have with you. It’s like having a tiny bionic eye for your iPhone. And it’s a great tool to open your own eyes to see and understand the light falling all around you, every day."
–Dan McComb, an Emmy-Nominated filmmaker

The light metering tool for every great image maker. Use the standalone app as a reflective light meter or plug in your Lumu Power for professional light and colour temperature measurements.

Key features:

- SPOT METERING: Use your phone’s camera as a reflective light meter.

With Lumu Power:

- PHOTO SINGLE mode: Giving you exact parameters: exposure time, f-number, ISO, EV, lux.
- PHOTO MULTI mode: Calculating average value or contrast between multiple measurements.
- PHOTO PINHOLE mode: Measuring exposure time for custom pinhole camera settings.
- CINE/VIDEO mode: Set FPS, F-number, exposure time and ISO. Get the values for the ambiental light.
- FLASH EXPOSURE: See the graph of flash duration, measure its intensity.
- COLOR TEMPERATURE: Read light Color temperature in Kelvin and Green/Magenta shift.
- CHROMATICITY: See light colour in CIE1931 diagram and get X,Y,Z coordinates.
- ILLUMINANCE mode: showing incident light level in lux / foot-candle values.
- NOTES: Store all your measurements together with geo-location, custom notes and your photo in one place.


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This app is designed to work with a Lumu light meter. Get your Lumu at

Lumu is a light meter for the iPhone. Changing the way we think about light meters. For photographers with a heartbeat, individuals with a lifestyle, aspirations and dreams.

Key features:
– Photo mode: Giving you parameters: time, f-number, ISO, EV, Lux.
– Camera (reflected) mode: use your phone’s camera as a reflective light meter.
– Average mode: Calculating average value or contrast between multiple measurements
– Measure mode: showing EV and incident light level: lux/foot-candle value.
– Notes: Storing measurements with camera info, location, notes, and a photo.
– Settings: EV compensation (for calibrating or using ND filters), EV step (1EV or 1/3EV), custom wallpaper.

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