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Published: 11 months ago

WEDNESDAY SHOWCASE: LeAnn Rimes music video shot on iPhone

Naturally, when music video director Ian Padgham was enlisted to shoot a memorable video for megastar LeAnn Rimes, he chose the very best video camera for the job – an iPhone. Wait. What? Yup! The new stop-motion music video for Gasoline and Matches was shot …

Published: 12 months ago

WEDNESDAY SHOWCASE: Philip Bloom shows off 120fps on iPhone 5S

When the iPhone 5S hit the streets, YouTube continued to be flooded with the same crappy videos as always… but now, many of them were in slow motion. Crotch hits in slow motion. Dog licks in slow motion. Water pouring in slow motion. Enough! …

Published: 12 months ago

Movie Magic Scheduling To Go is now FREE

Movie Magic Scheduling for Mac & Windows (the industry standard for budgeting film and television production) recently received a major update (to version 6). So, why am I sharing this info here? Because, while announcing their update, Entertainment Partners also declared that their companion …

Published: 12 months ago


Welcome to another edition of Other People’s News. What follows are some of the more interesting info-nuggets I’ve recently spotted around the web-o-sphere. On his VJ Technology Blog, Glen Mulcahy offered up a super handy cheat sheet of iMovie gestures. He also discusses what …

Published: 12 months ago

Black Friday Deals for Mobile Filmmakers

Found a few good Black Friday discounts for iPhone and iPad owning filmmakers. Who doesn’t love a bargain? Have you seen any good iOS filmmaking discounts (apps or accessories)?  Share them in the comments! photo credit: Michael Holden via photopin cc