Welcome to HHH v4.0. In addition to the new paint job, there have been a lot of changes under the hood, some of which are still being ironed out. Please excuse the dust, broken links, missing media, and other general nonsense.

Spinning Plates is in Theaters NOW!

As you may know from my earlier posts and tweets, I’ve spent much of the past few years producing a feature documentary called Spinning Plates. Directed by my close friend and business partner Joseph Levy, Spinning Plates is an intimate look at food, family, legacy and passion. It explores three extraordinary restaurants and the incredible […]

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iPhoneography.com shutters its shutters

Damn!  A great blog is about to drop off the intertubes.  iPhoneography.com will be closing up shop at the end of October.  With Glyn Evans at the wheel, iPhoneography.com has been reporting on iOS based still photography since 2008. According to yesterday’s post, Glyn has decided to focus more on shooting and less on writing. When HHH launched in […]

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Back to Basics: How to turn on Airplane Mode

Recently, I gleefully posted about Apple finally making Airplane Mode (along with other settings) quickly available via iOS 7’s new Control Center feature. Turning on Airplane Mode prior to shooting video will prevent your otherwise awesome footage from being wrecked by the audio glitches that often accompany radio interference. After posting that story, I received […]

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