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Published: 5 years ago

mRelease keeps you legal…and covers your ass.

Now here’s an app that falls squarely into the “why the hell didn’t I think of that?” category.

What happens when you’re shooting on location, and you suddenly remember that you left all your blank release forms at home.  Don’t fret.  Thanks to mRelease from being MEdia, you’ll always have four of the most common production releases (appearance, property, location, and crew) right on your iPhone.  Here’s how it works:

Published: 5 years ago

The HHH Filmmaker iPhone Giveaway Has Begun!

It’s official! Stop what you’re doing, and go enter to win a new iPhone 4 with a ton of cool extras.  I won’t ramble on about it since all the details are on the Giveaway page.  Go have a look!

Published: 5 years ago

The First Annual HHH Filmmaker iPhone Giveaway launches in just 3 days!

The First Annual HHH Filmmaker iPhone Giveaway launches THIS MONDAY (June 14th)! Full details will be posted on the Giveaway Page, but here’s a tease… We’re giving away Apple’s new iPHONE 4, along with an OWLE BUBO, a MIKEY from Blue Microphones, a ProPrompter Wing, and …

Published: 5 years ago

Developer Interview: Movie*Slate 2.0

One of our favorite iPhone apps just graduated to the iPad.  Not only is it bigger, and prettier, Movie*Slate 2.0 has added some very impressive, and professional features.  Rather than just list the new bells and whistles, I decided to contact the app’s author, …

Published: 5 years ago

Can you squeeze Apple’s new iPhone into your Owle Bubo?

That sounded dirty. We’ve discussed the Owle Bubo many times on HHH, and we still think it’s the hippest accessory around. It smooths out your iPhone 3GS footage, adds a wide angle lens, comes with a directional microphone, offers plenty of expansion possibilities, and …