I Screen, You Screen, We All Screen for Green Screen: Part II

Welcome back green screeners!  As you may recall, last week I explained how green screens help filmmakers to composite (combine) multiple layers of imagery.  Don’t remember that?  Here’s a 13 word reminder (not including “presto”):  Shoot actor against green screen, remove green in post, add a new background — Presto!  While the green screen process […]


I Screen, You Screen, We All Screen for Green Screen

What did you do last week?  I mercilessly tore my living room apart and temporarily transformed it into a green screen (a.k.a. “chroma key”) studio in which I directed a short comedy called 2084.  For as long as I can remember, my friends and I have joked about shooting 2084 on a massive soundstage with […]


Are iOS Camera Apps Helping or Hurting Filmmakers?

While that overtly sensational headline may reek of clickbait, it’s also a fair and reasonable question – one I was asked while speaking on a Photography/Videography panel at this year’s Macworld Expo in San Francisco. Jeff Carlson, the panel’s moderator (and all-around-photography-guru), was asking me specifically about the new wave of filmmaking apps that attempt […]


How I use my iPhone to charge all my other batteries. Wait. What?

Want to hear a funny story? Not too long ago, I drove 4 hours to a last-minute, geographically isolated, commercial shoot with an SUV full of professional camera and audio equipment, only to discover that most of my gear’s rechargeable batteries were nearly dead! Oh wait, I meant “a horrible story,” not “a funny story.” […]


Bandshell Case turns your iPhone up to 11! REVIEW & GIVEAWAY

Thanks to its stunning Retina display, Apple’s iPhone makes a perfect portable screening room. I use mine to view dailies while on location, to reference rough cuts while working with sound effects designers, and so on. I’ll even use it to show-off relevant videos while giving impromptu elevator pitches. Unfortunately, as awesome as the iPhone’s […]


iWorld 2014 – iPad and Macro lenses from olloclip

No stranger to iPhone videography, olloclip has been producing clip-on lens accessories for years! Their signature product is the 4-in-1 clip-on lens system for iPhone 5/5S and 4/4S. To use it, you simply slide the clip over the edge of your iPhone, positioning one of the olloclip’s four lenses (Fisheye, Wide-Angle, 10x Macro, 15x Macro) […]


iWorld 2014 – Hoodini iPad Shade

Whenever I’m directing or producing in the field, my iPad is always by my side. In addition organizing my shot lists, storyboards, blocking diagrams and budgets, my iPad also serves as a handy wireless video monitor! I’ll use it to review dailies (footage taken at a previous time), view rough cuts sent over from my […]


iWorld 2014 – My Cloud from Western Digital

It’s not often I’ll cover a hard drive on HHH. In fact, I think this is the first time. So what makes My Cloud unique? It’s a stand-alone personal “cloud” that can be used as remote storage for the videos you shoot in the field. What? Ok… let’s back up. If you’re shooting a ton […]

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