Students review the Steadicam Smoothee

In January of this year, HHH posted a story about Tiffen’s Steadicam Smoothee — a nifty looking camera stabilizer for your iPhone 3GS. We were only able to play with it for a few minutes, so we couldn’t conduct any proper tests. But thankfully, one of our readers has just contributed a full review. Bart Weiss teaches […]


1st Video Hits the App Store!

Want to get serious about editing video on your iPhone? Then you’ll want to check out Vericorder’s 1st Video!  It was just released in the App Store, and runs $9.99 — a very good price as far as we’re concerned. Want to see its feature set in action? Check out our video coverage from NAB. […]


Rehearsal is every Actor’s new best friend

If you’ve seen me speak at industry events, then you already know I’m a big fan of Sotto Voce Film+Works’ Rehearsal, an app that gives actors an irrefutable reason to purchase an iPad (or an iPhone). At its core, Rehearsal is a script reading application designed specifically for actors who must memorize lines, or submit […]


Slick New iPhone & iPad Animation Templates

This isn’t the sort of thing we typically cover on HHH, but it’s so darn cool, we couldn’t resist. Ripple Training has just released Screenplay, a set of designer templates for use inside Apple’s Motion and Final Cut Pro for Mac But these aren’t just any templates. No, sir. These awesome creations feature 3D iPhones and iPads that […]


HHH featured in the new SuperMag!

Need more HHH in your diet?  Well, get ready to feast, because we’ve got a feature article inside the brand-spankin’-new 2010 Edition of SuperMag. If you don’t already know, SuperMag is an awesome annual publication that features boat-loads of informative articles covering a wide variety of film and video making topics.  This year’s edition is […]


NAB ’10 – Blackmagic Videohub

I had seen it all — Stood in every line, tasted every bit of crap food, and tried not to stare at every scantly-clad booth babe.  Yes, I was done with NAB, and heading out the door… when suddenly I noticed this:  Blackmagic Designs was using an iPad to control their line of VideoHub routers! […]


NAB ’10 – Doddle

It’s 1am, you’re trapped on set, and the director just called for a two-headed giraffe.  Where are you going to find one at this hour?!  Fear not!  A new company called Doddle has developed a complete production guide for your iPhone.  You can look up all kinds of production resources using a variety of search […]


NAB ’10 – WristShot

If you’ve got an OWLE or a DSLR, you might want to check out the new WristShot from Hoodman.  It mounts your camera right on your arm, which helps keep your footage steady, and allows you to relax between shots without dropping your gear. And as an added benefit, it makes you look like Robocop. Isn’t […]

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