Welcome to HHH v4.0. In addition to the new paint job, there have been a lot of changes under the hood, some of which are still being ironed out. Please excuse the dust, broken links, missing media, and other general nonsense.

iPad release date announced

Just when you thought Apple was only kidding about the whole zany ‘iPad’ thing, they go and set a release date! According to Apple’s web site, the iPad will be released on April 3rd, and they’ll start taking pre-orders on March 12th. There’s no indication if the 3G models will be available, but it’s unlikely […]

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MACWORLD ’10 – FastMac iV Plus

Calling all control freaks! You will most definitely want to check this out. FastMac is about to release the iV Plus, a new case that will turn your your iPhone into a totally customizable infrared universal remote control! It also features a secondary battery, and a camera-synced flash! Of all the gadgets and gizmos lining […]

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MACWORLD ’10 – Gorilla Mobile 3G/3Gs

Joby was showing a nifty miniature flexible tripod called the Gorilla Mobile 3G/3Gs. And like the SuctionClip I featured after CES, the Gorilla Mobile opens up some interesting shooting possibilities. I’m a fan of anything that allows me to put a video camera in new and unexpected places.  That said, it looks like the Gorilla Mobile […]

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MACWORLD ’10 – Dots Gloves

It’s often said, “Cold Hands, Warm Heart.”  However, it’s also said, “Gloved hands, iPhone no worky.”  That’s because the moment you put on your winter mittens, your iPhone’s touchscreen no-longer senses your fingertips.  So, you’ve got to pull off the gloves every time you want to tap, flick or pinch. Fortunately, Dots Gloves has found […]

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