Crop on the fly with Crop on the Fly

Picture this… You’ve been camped out somewhere in the middle of the Nevada desert for the past 3 months. You’re chewing the remaining crumbs from your final Cliff Bar, and you’re long past your last pair of clean undies. You are a total mess, riddled with bug bites, and in desperate need of soap. Why […]


Introducing MOJOCON, The Mobile Journalism Conference!

I am profoundly excited to announce that I’ll be a guest speaker at the very first Mojocon, hitting Dublin, Ireland on March 27th! What is MojoCon? Allow me to quote the event’s website: MojoCon Ireland is the first international conference focusing on mobile journalism, mobile filmmaking and mobile photography all in one event. The future is mobile, the future is […]


Are iOS Camera Apps Helping or Hurting Filmmakers?

While that overtly sensational headline may reek of clickbait, it’s also a fair and reasonable question – one I was asked while speaking on a Photography/Videography panel at this year’s Macworld Expo in San Francisco. Jeff Carlson, the panel’s moderator (and all-around-photography-guru), was asking me specifically about the new wave of filmmaking apps that attempt […]