The New GLIF tripod mount looks awesome!

UPDATE - MAY 30, 2017: Having successfully wrapped up its Kickstarter campaign, the GLIF is now available for purchase directly from the Studio Neat website! The GLIF will run you $28, while the full set with hand grip and wrist strap will set you back $55. The GLIF, one of the first iPhone camera accessories is still one of the best. And it's about to get even better! Just in case you've been avoiding every article ever written about mobile filmmaking, the GLIF is a pocket-sized tripod mount for your iPhone.

Panoptik’s Timecode Calculator (Giveaway!)

During post production of my new short, 2084, I had to manage a LOT of visual effects.  Every shot in the film consisted of multiple rendered layers.  This often led to some fairly complex timecode calculations. Thankfully, I own a powerful timecode calculator app called, appropriately enough, Timecode ($6.99)!  If you’re not already familiar with Timecode, it’s an easy […]

Voice Synth for iPad Created Computer Voice in “2084”

For my new short film, 2084, I needed to create the booming voice of an all-powerful, brain-washing computer overlord. So, naturally I turned to my iPad.

Generate random character names with Name Dice

Looking for a quick, free, and totally absurd way to name the characters in your latest screenplay?  Try rolling the Name Dice! Sure, it may seem ridiculous to assign a randomly generated monitor to a character you’ve lovingly crafted over the past year.  And, well, yeah, hmmm…. Never mind.  That is sort of ridiculous.  Don’t use it for that.  Instead, use […]


Free iPhone Filmmaking Meetup at the Apple Store!

Will you be in the Los Angeles area this Sunday (Jan 31st) at 4pm? Come join me, and several amazing guest speakers for the first iPhone Filmmaking Meetup! In addition to learning a ton, you’ll get to meet and mingle with many like-minded mobile filmmakers.



This morning, I was extremely honored and humbled to learn that Raindance (the international organization behind the awesomely independent Raindance Film Festival and film school) named Hand Held Hollywood as one of their “TOP CINE JEWELS FOR 2016.”  In fact, we were the very first site listed in the article’s production category.  How cool is that?!  A: Very […]


SHOWCASE: “Parametric” Short Shot on iPhone 6 Plus

Here’s an interesting, visual-effects short film that was shot entirely on an iPhone 6 Plus using FiLMiC Pro. Directed by Amila C. Kumarasinghe, and shot by Dumindra Nathash piers, the film has a distinctive, harsh tone that really does a nice job of capitalizing on the iPhone’s digital sensor. The video I’ve embedded above is actually the 1 minute […]


Perfect Last Minute Gift for iPhone owning Filmmakers

Are you still running around, trying to find that perfect Christmas gift for your favorite filmmaker? Relax! Hand Held Hollywood is here to help! We’ve created a handy-dandy iTunes Gift Card Holder that aspiring and experienced filmmakers will absolutely love…and that will make you look like a gift-giving champ! Not only is it fun and festive, it also features convenient shortcuts (URLs and QR codes) to some of our favorite filmmaking apps.

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