Key Ray Interviews Taz Goldstein on MAC OS KEN

HHH and iOS filmmaking featured on today’s Mac OS Ken!

I just got the best day-after-Christmas gift ever!  I was interviewed on today’s Mac OS Ken (the awesome daily Mac news podcast hosted by Ken Ray). Actually, the interview was recorded a couple days ago, but it went live this morning. During our 30 minute conversation, we gabbed about Hand Held Hollywood, the new HHH book, and some […]


Tiffen adds 58mm Support to their Totally Adorable Listec Promptware Teleprompter

If you’ve been lusting after Tiffen’s Listec Promptware PW-04 Teleprompter (a bite-size contraption that turns your iPhone or iPod touch  into a very portable through-the-glass prompter), but you’ve been holding off because your video camera’s lens is just too dang large… Behold! Tiffen has announced a new version that will support lens sizes up to 58mm.

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