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Published: 1 year ago

ArchMount gives your iPad a secure, portable tripod mount

Once again, Kickstarter.com is proving itself to be a mobile filmmaker’s best friend. This time around, SerialKickers is pitching the ArchMount, a sturdy, lightweight, portable tripod mount for your iPad.

Published: 1 year ago

Turn your Android into a director’s viewfinder with Cadrage

Tony Myers of smartmoviemaking.com has posted a succinct write-up of Cadrage, a new Android-only app that turns your smartphone into a director’s viewfinder (a tool used by directors and cinematographers to line up shots without having to lug heavy camera equipment all over the place). …

Published: 1 year ago

Oscar nominated doc partially shot on iPhone!

Are you one of those people who still doubt an iPhone can be used to shoot a “real” production? Well then, perhaps this will change your mind… When filmmaker Malik Bendjelloul ran out of money to continue shooting and processing film for his new documentary, …

Published: 1 year ago

Setting up a field monitor when shooting on an iPhone

I recently came across a great question on Facebook’s iPhone Filmmaking Community page. Jonny Cates asked, “Does anyone know of a way to adapt a monitor to an iPhone?” In other words, Jonny is looking for a way to shoot with his iPhone while …

Published: 2 years ago

MacWorld / iWorld 2013: Daylight Viewfinder for iPhone & iPad

In keeping with today’s theme of accessories that help you see your screen better, I’d like to RE-introduce you to the Daylight Viewfinder for iPhone and iPad. This portable eyepiece sticks to the surface of your device like a suction cup, and helps you shoot videos …