Nomad Brush lets pre-vis artists ‘PAINT’ on their iPad

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Here’s another cool-as-hell iPad accessory I found at iWorld. The Nomad Brush is an iPad stylus that looks AND FEELS like a traditional paintbrush. Perfect for tablet toting previsualization artists who come from a painting background. I imagine it would be a terrific partner for painting apps like SketchBook Pro.

At first, I assumed this thing was just your typical rubber nub stylus camouflaged by brush bristles. Nope! This thing is all bristle, no nub. It smoothly glides across the iPad’s glass screen. Since the iPad is not pressure sensitive, the experience can be a little strange at first. But after that initial “what the hell” moment, the Nomad Brush is freakin’ cool. The developer offers a wide variety of models, ranging in price from $18 to $40. Makes me wish I could paint… which I really, really, really can’t. Check out the video below to see the brush in action.

Have you got a favorite iPad stylus? Let us know in the comments!

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