New on Kickstarter: Daylight Viewfinder for iPhone!

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It seems like every 30 seconds, there’s another iPhone accessory launching on Kickstarter. Most are insanely silly, but every once in a while, a unique idea catches fire (the Glif is a great example).

Now, Milwaukie’s Paul Anderson has introduced a Kickstarer campaign to fund his new iPhone accessory called the Daylight Viewfinder. The device attaches to your iPhones display, and allows for glare-free viewing while snapping photos, or more importantly, shooting video. The gizmo works in conjunction with a custom designed camera app.

After glancing at the Kickstarter page, my first thought was “pffft.”  But, my second thought was, “Hey, wait a second… that’s actually pretty damn cool!” This would have come in handy many times over the past couple years. Head over to the  Kickstarer page, and make a pledge!

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