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It’s 1am, you’re trapped on set, and the director just called for a two-headed giraffe.  Where are you going to find one at this hour?!  Fear not!  A new company called Doddle has developed a complete production guide for your iPhone.  You can look up all kinds of production resources using a variety of search criteria.

They’ve got big plans for the future.  I’ll let them tell you all about it. Check out the video:


by Mobile Imagination

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doddle's amazing mobile international production resource directory Now Includes the free DoddlePRO digital Callsheet Reader

"Imagine taking all the production guides from around the world, and putting them in the palm of your hand. Well now you can, with doddle"
Macworld. 2010

"Wicke Simple" Tommy Post Senior Production Manager EXTRA

“A must-have App for filmmakers”
MovieMaker Magazine, 2010

doddle is the first interactive, digital mobile production guide for the Film and Video Industry

No more wasting countless hours frantically searching though antiquated and cumbersome production short doddle makes it possible to work the way you do. "On the go", This extraordinary app is revolutionizing the production industry by letting professionals spend less time chained to a desk and more time in the field where the magic is created.

There are online production directories but doddle goes light years beyond those to give production professionals the mobile tools and refreshable data access to make their jobs swifter and saner.

Everything and everyone who touches the production world from Producers, Directors, Photographers, Grips, Gaffers, Sound, Talent, Hotels, Restaurant, Catering and Transportation, etc.... will be at your fingertips, using all the greatest communication tools the iPhone can offer.

Doddle's resource directory features all that touch the production world from Producers, Directors, Photographers, Grips, Gaffers, Sound, Talent, Hotels, Restaurant, Catering and Transportation, etc. will be at your fingertips.


*Free to List, Free To Register, Free to Search (Optional upgrades available)
*Search 100’s of categories for vendors, crew, talent, Film Offices and State Agencies
*Find Professional Vendors, Crew, Talent, Locations, and Film Offices by Distance from search target area, closest to your other contacts or from "where you're standing"
*Premium Listings available for Purchase include detailed bios, Resumes/CV’s, Photos/Headshots, and Full Motion videos linked from Youtube
*Communicate Instantly with listings via phone, SMS, Email
*Create Unlimited Favorites Groups..favorite sound guys in la, favorite Grips in New Orleans, decide
*International Guide - Including US, UK, Canada, and South Africa

This app was built for production people by production people, so please give us a try, grow with us and join the doddle nation. With your commitment to support us we make a commitment to bring you the best mobile products to make your production life a “doddle.”

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  • logicalnot

    Looks great and exciting BUT
    – The "premium" listing is way to expensive! $130 for a redundant LinkedIn page? Do you want a glass of water?
    – To use the service, you need an account (free): this bugs me already.
    – Creating a (free or premium) account has a by default opt-in feature that give away your email to third parties. No thank you. (You can disable this ONLY AFTER you received the first newsletter.)

    Conclusion: this company is believing I am a cow. That’s monkeys business.

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