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Movie Magic Scheduling for Mac & Windows (the industry standard for budgeting film and television production) recently received a major update (to version 6). So, why am I sharing this info here? Because, while announcing their update, Entertainment Partners also declared that their companion iPad app, Movie Magic Scheduling To Go, has dropped from $29.00 to FREE! Yeah, you heard me. Free.

The iPad app is an extension of the desktop apps, allowing you to import, view, and manipulate schedule date while on set — like having a classic strip board in digital form. The app is not a stand-alone solution. So, if you’re already scheduling with Movie Magic Scheduling on your computer, there’s no reason not to grab Movie Magic Scheduling To Go. Go get it!

Movie Magic Scheduling To Go

by Entertainment Partners

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Movie Magic Scheduling To Go

This application requires a file that is created in MMS 5 or MMS 6.

Movie Magic Scheduling To Go provides a flexible, accurate and efficient companion solution to the desktop version of Movie Magic Scheduling 5 and Movie Magic Scheduling 6 for use on the iPad. MMS To Go allows you to make changes to your existing schedule in a simple touch screen interface.

•Move Strips around on the Strip board
•Move Strips into the Boneyard
•Add or remove Daybreaks and Banners

•The “i” button provides schedule summary information including total pages, days, and final day of production
•Import an existing schedule by emailing it to yourself or by syncing with your desktop iTunes file folder

•Open any of your saved schedule scenarios, calendars, or strip designs (Horizontal designs only) contained in your Schedule
•View Breakdown sheets and Elements
•View full Boneyard
•View Red Flags on your strip board and Breakdown sheets
•View Images associated with Breakdown sheets
•Email to a recipient or sync your files through iTunes on your desktop

This application works in conjunction with your current version of MMS 5 and MMS 6 (or higher), but for full functionality you should be on the current version of Movie Magic Scheduling 6.

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  • John Lindsay Green

    I just found out about the Movie Magic Scheduling To Go, now being free for download. I found out about this, through reading an article entitled “Director Runs Out of Money, Turns to iPhone To Finish Oscar Film” written by James DeRuvo, at
    I downloaded the free App, to my iPad, and I’m looking forward to learning how to use it with my iPad for movie making. Thank you Entertainment Partners, for making this available!


    John Lindsay Green

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