MacWorld / iWorld 2013: Jot Touch pressure sensitive stylus

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If you’ve read my book, you know I’m a fan of the Jot stylus. It’s a great tool when storyboarding on the iPad. Rather than using the typical rubber nub, the Jot utilizes a clever clear disc that freely pivots on a tiny ball. I’d love to add a tiny-ball joke here, but I don’t have time.

Now, Adonit (Jot’s developer) has upped the ante with the Jot Touch, a Bluetooth pressure sensitive stylus that kicks mountains of ass. I sat in the Adonit booth for 20 minutes, playing with the Jot Touch, and I can say with certainty that this thing is awesome. Within minutes, I was turning lines of varied thickness into absolutely horrible sketches of my very own (due to my lack of drawing abilities, not the Jot’s formable feature set).  Expect to see the Jot Touch in stores in March or April.

[box type=”alert”]Correction: Rob McCallum just pointed out that Adonit has offered a pressure sensitive “Jot Touch” for several months now, and that this new, soon-to-be-released stylus is actually an update. The new version offers 2,048 levels of pressure sensitivity versus the original version’s 256 levels. That’s a huge difference. The new version also introduces Bluetooth 4 and palm rejection. Good stuff. Thanks for catching the error, Rob![/box]

Check out this video of the updated Jot Touch in action.

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  • Taz Goldstein

    Hi Neal! According to Adonit, the various Jot models should work with any capacitive touch screen…which I’m pretty sure includes most (if not all) android tablets.

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