Mac|Life reports on DYI Teleprompter for Flip Camera

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Using an iPhone (running the awesome ProPrompter app), a metal bookend, a Dynex Bracket, and some Velcro, Clint Bradford was able to put together a nifty little teleprompter rig for his Filp HD video camera.  Check out this Mac|Life Story for the details, and a link to a PDF containing the step-by-step instructions.  Or, take a look at Clint’s website.

If you’d rather not build your own teleprompter, you can watch our video review of Bodelin’s ProPromter Wing for iPhone.

And if you’d rather not read off a teleprompter at all, you should stop reading this, and start memorizing your lines!

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  • by James DeRuvo

    Nice design, although I think the Kodak Zi8 would be a better choice thanks to it’s external microphone jack being able to give users a better audio option.

  • Clint Bradford

    Sure. Or one of the newer Flips – with the ports on the bottom – allow better audio input devices. This meager DIY Flip ‘Prompter project is not really "stuck" on the Flip – it can accommodate ’bout any small camera or camcorder.

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