iWorld 2014 – iPad and Macro lenses from olloclip

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No stranger to iPhone videography, olloclip has been producing clip-on lens accessories for years! Their signature product is the 4-in-1 clip-on lens system for iPhone 5/5S and 4/4S. To use it, you simply slide the clip over the edge of your iPhone, positioning one of the olloclip’s four lenses (Fisheye, Wide-Angle, 10x Macro, 15x Macro) over the iPhone’s built-in lens. Easy peazy and fasty wasty!

This year, the company was giving sneak peeks of their soon-to-be-released clip-on lens system for the iPad! Same variety of lenses, new iPaddy goodness!

Olloclip was also showing off their clip-on macro lenses. Most macro lenses can be tough to keep in focus, but the new olloclip 3-in-1 Macro lens system ($69.99) features a frosted plastic barrel that insures your camera will land at exactly the right distance for perfect focus. The frosted plastic also captures soft, diffuse light for lovely, evenly lit shots.

Olloclip has yet to release a product that I didn’t want. And, lucky for me (and you), their lenses are super easy to track down! You’ll find them in the Apple Store, Target, Samy’s Camera, the Sprint store, Best Buy and even automated airports kiosks. Yes, really. Go get some!

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