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Close-Up Film Language Glossary ($2.99) (one of our favorite reference apps) just got a nifty 2.0 update, and we’re giving away 10 copies (more on that in a moment)! Along with several new glossary entries, iPhone 5 support, and some bug fixes, the app now offers an optional set of 17 intriguing film analysis tools (available via a $0.99 in-app purchase). These tools require a little additional explanation.

Sometimes the best way to learn filmmaking technique is to study the work of others. For example, after watching a particularly effective scene, I’ll re-watch the scene multiple times (usually with the sound off so I don’t get sucked back into the story). During the repeated viewings, I’ll ask myself questions such as, “What camera angles worked best? How did the dominant colors affect the scene’s emotional impact? Was the footage contrasty or saturated?” and so on. The optional film analysis tools in the new version of Close-Up Film Language Glossary is essentially asking those questions, and providing a way to record your answers. It’s a great way to pick apart a scene, and analyze how it was constructed.

Have android owning friends? Let them know the app is also available for Android (via Google Play).

Ready for the best news? To celebrate the 2.0 release of Close-Up, the app’s developer is giving away 10 copies of the app (iOS version) to HHH readers. Nice! To enter the giveaway, just follow the instructions in the giveaway box below (if the box doesn’t appear, try reloading the page). We’re trying out a new giveaway system — hopefully it works because we plan on giving away a whole bunch more stuff in the near future!

The Giveaway has Ended.

Close-Up Film Language

by Neue Wege des Lernens e. V.

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Close-Up Film Language

The German non-profit organisation 'Neue Wege des Lernens e. V.' supports schools in digital learning initiatives. This includes the production of digital learning assets and apps for educational use, particularly for non-STEM classes and subjects. We have a particularly strong commitment to supporting cultural Film Education with digital tools. The App "Close-up" provides clear and concise definitions of essential film language terms used in basic and advanced film courses. Though geared for use in high school (particular sixth forms) and higher education the glossary is appropriate for anyone generally interested in cinema, film and film analysis. The Close-Up Film Language Glossary contains a unique collection of 'Visual markers', which are visualizations of filmic means and techniques. Groups of visual markers provide a quick and comprehensive overview of important categories of film language. Additionally a collection of useful checklists which help you analyzing the different aspects of film language in classroom study or when writing a film studies essay can be obtained separately from within the app.

The Close-Up Film Language Glossary places particular emphasis on the topics composition and color in movies.

Film language categories with visual markers:
Mise en Scène
Lighting style
Lens type
Camera distance
Camera angle
Camera movement
Point of view
Continuity editing
Pace and time

- More than 370 linked entries for Film studies
- 80 unique Visual markers visualize the core ideas of filmic means and techniques
- A collection of 17 checklists and counters support a formal analysis of film excerpts or motion stills available for In-App-Purchase
- Graphics help to improve the understandings of technical terms
- Favorite function allows each user to store their favorite or essential terms for fast access
- Fast and comprehensive search function provides easy access to the technical terms (even if only a part of a technical term is known)
- Text and pictures can be copied to the clipboard for citation purposes and use in other programs (e.g. for writing an essay)
- A special view of Visual markers allow for visual search of technical terms
- Clean, uncluttered interface
- No internet connection required

With kind support of Schöningh Verlag, Jühenplatz 1-3, 33098 Paderborn, Germany.

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