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To commemorate their partnership with the Original iPhone Film Festival, the gang over at Red Giant Software is running a limited time promotion. They’ve dropped the price of their awesome color-enhancement app, Movie Looks HD, from $2.99 to the low, low price of FREE! Seriously!

If you haven’t tried Movie Looks HD yet, it’s an awesome universal app, capable of adding a professional, film-like finish to your iPhone footage. Colors are shifted from blah to kick-ass. If you’re familiar with Red Giant’s line of ‘Magic Bullet’ plug-ins, then you already know what I’m talking about.

To learn more about Movie Looks HD, and see video of the app in action, check out our previous coverage. You can also see more video examples on the Red Giant Software website.

To learn more about the Original iPhone Film Festival, which we’ll be covering in greater detail soon, check out their official website. The festival is accepting entries until September 30th, so start shooting those mobile masterpieces pronto!

Movie Looks

by Moment Park, LLC

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    2.2.9 ⋅ 67 MB

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Movie Looks

Instant Hollywood on your videos. 40 Movie inspired Looks.

Movie Looks adds emotional impact and fantastic color treatments to your videos - like those seen in popular TV shows and films. Movie story tellers expertly apply color and music to add just the right emotional direction to fit their story. What color is your story?

The Look effects are inspired by popular films like Terminator Salvation, Bourne Identity and Resident Evil. Movie Looks isn’t just another video filter app, the Looks were created by experts that did special effects on Men in Black, Star Wars and Sin City. The color recipes are artistic and subtle giving just the right amount of effect to maximize the emotion reaction.

• Pick any video in your library
• Brightness and Strength controls to adjust the effect

40 Look effects

• Popular Film Looks: Inspired by motion picture favorites. Shoot your own crime drama, try out a classic war movie, or make a Bourne-inspired spy shoot.
• Black & White: Give the look of silent films, old-fashioned home movies
• Blockbusters: Modern edgy looks inspired by recent action films like Terminator and Transformers.

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  • SarahSays

    Rats! Already bought this one. Oh well. Still worth $2.

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