Final Draft WRITER Now Available for iPad! In a related story, hell freezes over!

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They said it would never happen. They said it couldn’t be done. And yet… Final Draft has just released Final Draft Writer for iPad, a feature rich screenwriting app that has the potential to take over the market.

I’ve been posting about this app for over two years. Not too long ago, Final Draft teased screenwriters with the release of Final Draft Reader, which contained no writing functions what so ever. This flustered more than a few iPad users.

Did they wait too long to provide a screenwriting solution? Are there too many competitors already in place?  How the hell should I know? But, I can tell you this: From my brief time with the app, it looks like Final Draft Writer has been worth the wait.

As you’d expect, the app is meant to work seamlessly with your existing Final Draft files. You’ll be happy to hear that the iPad app provides exactly the same pagination you’d find in the desktop version of the app, so there will be no sudden changing page count surprises.

Like most iOS based screenwriting apps, Final Draft Writer provides on-screen shortcuts for switching between elements, and pop-up panels for inserting commonly used bits of text (INT, EXT, DAY, NIGHT, etc.) and recently used character names.  However, this app does a MUCH better job at presenting that data. For example, in other apps, you might use one shortcut pop-up for INT vs EXT, and then another pop-up for your recently used locations, and then a final pop-up for DAY or NIGHT, etc.  In Final Draft, all of the possible shortcuts for building a complete slugline are presented at once, letting you enter slugs as quickly as you can think of them.

Here’s the complete list of features (which is in no way complete):

  • A4 & Letter Support
  • Support for Production Scripts
  • Scene Numbering
  • SmartType
  • Find/Replace
  • Airprint Support
  • Email Reports
  • Script Note Reports
  • Templates for Screenplay, Stage Play, TV – Drama or Sitcom
  • Locked Pages
  • Revisions
  • Tab/Enter Navigation
  • Script Reports
  • Drop Box Integration

Other niceties include character highlighting (the same feature found in their Reader app), and free live support via email and chat.

While normally priced at $49.99, the app is currently on sale for $29.00 (sale ends Sept 30th).  At fifty smackers, this is now the most expensive screenwriting iOS app on the market. Considering the quantity of free and low-cost screenwriting alternatives, it’s a little surprising that they would price the app so aggressively.

Then again, Final Draft is the industry standard, and Final Draft Writer offers several professional-grade features the others lack, such as the ability to display active and collated revisions with colored pages. Many functions found in Writer are typically reserved for desktop applications. So, perhaps the price is high because Final Draft expects to lose a few desktop customers to the iPad version.  I know I’ll be sitting at my computer less from now on!

So, is Final Draft Writer the answer to all our mobile screenwriting dreams? Not sure yet. I’ll let you know after I’ve had some time to put it through its paces.  Have you tried it yet? I’d love to get your feedback in the comments section below!

Final Draft Mobile

by Cast & Crew Production Software, LLC

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Final Draft Mobile

The makers of Final Draft – the #1-selling screenwriting software in the world – now bring you the Final Draft™ Mobile app for iPad and iPhone.

Final Draft™ Mobile lets you write, edit and read Final Draft scripts on your iPad or iPhone. Create new scripts or edit existing ones with easy-to-use features such as Tab and Enter navigation, ScriptNotes, SmartType, and more.

Easily move your Final Draft 11 scripts from desktop to iPad or iPhone and back again via iCloud, Dropbox, or email. Your scripts will appear perfectly paginated and formatted to industry standards every time.

• Go paperless and carry all your scripts with you everywhere you go
• Send or share your Final Draft FDX file between all your devices and computers. Always be on the same page with Dropbox, OneDrive, or iCloud
• Easily change script elements with classic Tab and Enter functionality or through the Elements bar (iPad) or Menu (iPhone)
• SmartType remembers your character names, scene headings and more
• Multi-language support - Write in over 95 different languages
• Bluetooth keyboard support
• Character Highlighting allows you to keep track of your characters for table reads or character development
• Add, color-code, label, and edit ScriptNotes or General Notes
• Perfectly paginates to US Letter and standard European (A4) page sizes
• Send feedback directly through the app
• Professionally formatted TV, Film, and Stage Play templates to help get you started
• Search your entire script for characters, locations, or other script elements
• Export scripts to PDF via Dropbox, iCloud, or email
• Saves the last page you're working on to get back to work quickly
• iPhone Page View shows 100% accurate Final Draft pagination, formatting, and line breaking
• Automatic More's and Continued's
• Multi-page Title Pages are supported for TV production scripts
• Includes production features like Scene Numbering, Omit Scenes, Colored and Locked Pages
• Shows Active or Collated Revisions with Colored Pages
• Quickly switch from one revision set to another
• Track key information with Cast Reports, Scene Reports, Location Reports, and more
• iPhone Scene Navigator allows you to easily jump to different scenes in your script
• Access all of the tools you need while maintaining context in your script in the iPhone Tools Menu
• Edit your Header and Footer

“Where has this been all my career?!? I put it through its paces doing a rewrite on the go-go-go. Does a great job. This is a real step forward! What more do you need on the road? (Maybe a chauffeur?)”

David Seidler – Writer / Academy Award® winner
The King's Speech, By Dawn's Early Light, Tucker: The Man and His Dream...

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