Filmmaker uses iPhone to animate Lucas and Lynch

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There are plenty of people out there who never tap into their iPhone’s filmmaking potential. Sascha Ciezat is not one of those people.

Sascha whipped up one of the coolest animations we’ve seen come off an iPhone. In short, Sascha took recorded audio from a conversation with David Lynch, and animated to it using a $.99 app called iMotion.

Have a look!  Get inspired!  Make Movies!

This video has been removed from the intertubes

You can read more about iMotion in the HHH App Directory. Or just click the link below to find it in the App Store.


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iMotion is an intuitive and powerful time-lapse and stop-motion app for iOS.
Take pictures, edit your movie and export 4K UHD, 1080p & 720p HD videos to your device or directly to Youtube.

Time-lapse is a cinematography technique which accelerates movement. It can be used to photograph cloudscapes, plants growing, crowds...
Stop motion is an animation technique which makes a physically manipulated object look like it’s moving on its own.

The Apple watch app give you a live preview of your iPhone camera on the screen of your Apple watch. And you can remotely control your capture by touching your Apple watch.

-4K UHD, 1080p & 720p HD capture & exports (*)
-Universal binaries iPhone / iPad / iPodTouch
-4 capture modes (time-lapse, manual, wifi remote, photo library import)
-Ultra speed shooting up to 10fps (*)
-Variable frame rate playback
-Portrait and landscape orientations supported
-Rear and front cameras supported
-Useful capture tools (Manual Focus, Exposure & White balance, Onion skin…)
-Export: videos, photos and animated GIF to your Photo Library, iTunes Sharing Folder, Facebook, Youtube, Mail and iOS apps.
-Quick and smooth interface
-Autosave and direct preview
-Reverse playback
-Unlimited movie length
-Add audio soundtrack to your movie with iPod import, microphone and AudioPaste (In-App Full Version required)
-Import multiple frames from your Photo Library (In-App Full Version required)
-Export & import your movie project, using DropBox, Mail and iTunes Sharing Folder (In-App Full Version required)
-Retina Display

(*) 4K UHD, 1080p & 10ps shooting are only available on recent devices

Include Apple Watch app for preview and trigger capture for both Time-lapse and manuel.

Download “iMotion Remote” app for free to preview and remote your capture from an other device iPhone/iPad/iPodtouch.

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Thanks to our friend Moe for telling us about this gem!

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