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I admit it.  I’ve been using Final Cut Pro for years, and I still only know about 20 keyboard shortcuts.  Maybe 25 if I’ve had a Redbull. The worst part forgetting the those commands is having to look through the manual (or PDF). It’s never as quick and easy as it should be. There’s usually a lot of page flipping and time wasting involved.

Enter iKeysToGo: Final Cut Pro 7.  It’s a searchable, well organized list of keyboard shortcuts. That might sound unimpressive for $2.99, but you’d be amazed how handy this app really is. There’s a lot of time to be saved with this puppy. I’ll let Diana Weynand tell you more about it.

And I’m sure this isn’t what the developer wants to hear, but iKeyToGo also makes for excellent bathroom reading.  You’re welcome.

iKeysToGo: Final Cut Pro 7

by weynand.com

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iKeysToGo: Final Cut Pro 7

This personal shortcut assistant is a powerful learning tool that puts the complete list of Final Cut Pro 7 commands in the palm of your hands!

With over 800 commands, shortcuts, and definitions at your fingertips, you'll find your knowledge of Final Cut Pro 7 grow in leaps and bounds, regardless of whether you are a beginner or experienced pro!

You can search for a specific command to find its shortcut and definition, or you can view the commands alphabetically, by Menus (such as File, Edit, View), or by Groups (such as Audio, Editing, Importing).

When you discover a shortcut you want to remember, tag it as a favorite, then organize your favorites by priority and incorporate them into your next editing session!

iKeysToGo: Final Cut Pro 7 is a must have reference and learning tool for any Final Cut Pro user. With this new app, you can learn on the go and apply on the job! Impress your friends and colleagues with your newfound knowledge and increased operational speed. It's a great learning tool for teachers and students as well as professionals.


– A list of every Final Cut Pro 7 command, keyboard shortcut, and definition
– Organized alphabetically, and as Menus and Groups
– Complete search capability of the 840 Final Cut Pro 7 commands
– Definitions of every keyboard shortcut provides a quick learning tool
– Create your own favorites list of commands and shortcuts for quick reference
– Instructions on how to create new shortcut keys for any of the not unassigned shortcuts

Produced by Diana Weynand and Shirley Craig, founders of Weynand Training International, Inc. (a Gold Level Apple Authorized Training Center based in Los Angeles) and Apple Master Pro, Hubert Krzysztofik.

Diana Weynand is also the author of the Apple Pro Training Series books and Apple certified courses: Final Cut Pro 7, Final Cut Express, and Final Cut Pro for Avid Editors.

If you have any comments about this app, please contact us directly at the URL below.

iKeysToGo: Final Cut Pro 7 is the first in a series of iPhone and iPodTouch applications for Apple's Final Cut Studio.

For more information about the iKeysToGo series, visit www.weynand.com

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  • Charles Angus

    Key mapping search is built-in to FCP.

    Go to Tools>Keyboard Mapping… and a window will pop up that will let you search and edit your current key config.

    Way easier than any 3rd party solution, especially because it automatically keeps up to date with any custom key bindings.

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