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The next time you’re hankering for something to read, look no further than your iPhone. Reading screenplays can be entertaining, arduous (if they’re crap), and most importantly, educational. After all, the best way to learn about screenwriting is to read scripts. All it takes is a mobile web browser and a URL or two. You’ve got the gadget. We’ve got the links:

Script Crawler

The Daily Script

Drew’s Script-O-Rama

The Internet Movie Script Database

Simply Screenplays

Screenplays for You

Here’s a few things to consider before reading screenplays online:

  • You’ll find that most scripts exist as iPhone friendly file-types, including plain text, HTML and PDF. You may also come across other, less compatible file types that rely on web browser plug-ins. Avoid those.
  • Not every script is formatted correctly. Some will look downright ugly on your small screen. Ignore those, unless you have an abundance of patience.  Most scripts look fine, and only require a little pinching to fill the screen.
  • Some scripts are not scripts at all. Instead, they may be fan-films, transcripts, and other re-interpritations of the original work. These are usually, and should be avoided since they have little to do with the genuine screenplay.
  • Some screenplays have been posted by their authors or publishers.  Some are in the public domain.  But some may represent copyright violations.  We don’t advocate crossing legal lines, but it’s sometimes difficult to know where those lines are drawn. We welcome any discussion on this topic in the comments.

On a side note, don’t bother with Amazon’s Kindle application. There are very few screenplays available in their store. Hopefully, more will appear over time.

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