Cut Notes for iPad can now be used with Final Cut Pro X!

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I dig Cut Notes ($7.99).  It’s an iPad app we’ve covered once or twice before.

In a nutshell, Cut Notes let’s you use your iPad to quickly create a list of edit notes that can be imported into Final Cut Pro 7 as timeline markers.

Making it all possible, is a conversion application for the Mac called Cut Notes Marker Importer.  The Mac app imports the file produced by Cut Notes, and then converts it into an XML file that can be read by Final Cut Pro 7.  And now, thanks to an update to the Marker Importer, your notes can now be brought into Final Cut Pro X. That’s big news for editors who’ve made the switch to Apple’s newest video editor.

Here’s how to do it (straight from the developer’s blog):

1. Click the Action button in Cut Notes and tap Email FCP Marker List.

  1. Email the marker list text file to yourself.

  2. Download the file on to your Final Cut Pro X system.

  3. With the project selected in the Project Browser of FCPX, go to File > Export XML and save an XML copy of your sequence.

  4. Launch Cut Notes Marker Import and open the marker list text file exported from Cut Notes.

6. Click Open Project and browse for the exported XML copy of the FCPX project.

  1. Click Send to Final Cut Pro. Final Cut Pro X will automatically open a duplicate of the existing project with the new markers added.

    Cut Notes

    by Digital Rebellion LLC

    Cut Notes

    Cut Notes is an iPad note-taking app for post production professionals. Take notes on the fly using quick preset buttons, all synced to the timecode of your editing application. Used worldwide by studios and freelancers alike, Cut Notes allows you to focus on the cut instead of looking down to write.

    Cut Notes is integrated with the Kollaborate cloud workflow platform which allows you to easily share notes with colleagues and clients, as well as having collaborative note-taking sessions.

    Note: Cut Notes does not play video and is designed as a companion app synchronized to another video source. If you're looking for a video player that will allow you to take notes, please see our other product, CinePlay:


    Sync timecode from Kollaborate, Final Cut Pro 6/7, Final Cut Pro X, Adobe Premiere Pro CS 6.0.2 for Mac, Adobe Premiere Pro CC, Avid Media Composer / Symphony for Mac, Adobe Audition and Pro Tools.

    Additionally, Cut Notes should be able to sync to any app that supports MIDI timecode.


    With a single tap of a notekey, the note is added instantly at the current timecode position. Create notekey sets for different tasks such as editing and mixing.


    Create a custom note at any time with the text box above the notekeys. Cut Notes will insert the note at the moment you first began typing so there’s no need to rush.


    Change any notekey, create notekey sets and color code the keys.


    Make notes on your Kollaborate videos and sync them instantly to the cloud. Sync timecode directly from your web browser and remotely control playback.

    View comments by colleagues instantly and take part in collaborative note-taking sessions.

    Cut Notes can export notes to Final Cut Pro 6/7, Final Cut Pro X, Avid Media Composer and Pro Tools (via the third-party application EdiMarker). Notes can be emailed, copied to the pasteboard, printed, uploaded to Dropbox or uploaded to Kollaborate. Importing a Marker List into Final Cut Pro or FCPX requires the free Cut Notes Marker Import utility for Mac OS X available at

    "Cut Notes is a perfect example of how an iPad can supplement production & post production workflows."
    - Craig Bergonzoni, Editor/Producer

    "I'm really happy with the software… I'd feel comfortable using Cut Notes in a screening with executives."
    - Chris Chris Losnegard, Story Producer

    See the user manual to find out how to sync to various applications.

    For Support please visit

    Follow Cut Notes on Twitter: @CutNotes
    Become a Facebook Fan:

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