foolcontrol lets you get full control over a RED DIGITAL CINEMA DSMC™ camera connected to the same network as your iOS device, WEAPON™ / SCARLET-W™ and RAVEN™ have built in wifi but EPIC™ / [...]

Room Scan Pro

RoomScan Pro draws floor plans all by itself – just touch each wall with your phone! “This app is incredible. It draws a floor plan after you tap it against the wall a few [...]


● Import your PDF callsheets! ● FilmTouch™ is The Personal Callsheet Manager for Film Industry Crew Members. ● It imports your PDF callsheets and crew lists into a private, searchable list of [...]


Timecode by Panoptik is the most attractive Timecode calculator on the market. It is the only professional choice for performing fast, ultra-precise timecode calculations and film unit [...]