Are you suffering from Lame Name Shame?

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Chip Landmass?

Viva LeTruckstop?

How about Blunter “Golden Fists” Lighswallow, III?

Even though these are all clearly brilliant character names, drenched in dignity and depth…they may not be right for your current project.  And you can only name so many characters Bill and Sarah.  You want your characters to have the appropriate moniker, right?  So, where can you turn for a little name inspiration?

Baby Names Plus by SchatzisoftFor years, I’ve turned to my trusty, pastel balloon covered Baby Name book.  I can always flip a few pages and find something unique and evocative.  I’ve been using the same book for the past 10 years, and it shows.  The cover is torn, too many pages are earmarked and the binding is in shreds.

Thankfully, there are a ton of Baby Name apps ready for download.  We found them ranging in price from Free to $4.99.  Our favorite is Baby Names Plus.  It’s got a nice interface, and good search options.  You can save your favorites, and easily email them to your writing parter.

There are plenty of others including My Baby’s Name, Name Picker, and a new one from, Baby Names Finder.  Just do a search for “Baby Names” in the iTunes App Store and prepare to find an embarrassment of riches.

And for those of you who refuse to buy into all that App Store capitalistic nonsense, here’s a free web app that will cost nothing but patience during load times. The web app will only work when viewing on an iPhone.

How do you come up with character names?  What’s your source of inspiration?  Share in the comments.

Baby Names+

by Schatzisoft

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Baby Names+

Get the #1 baby naming app! Better than any book, browse through thousands of possible baby names using a friendly, easy to use interface. See the details of each name, including origin, meaning, pronunciation, and even how popular the name is. Still can't find a great name, use the custom search feature to narrow down your results by trends, popularity, origin, parts of a name and even the meaning of the name!

Loads of other features, including our new idea lists. Christmas names, seasonal names, strong names, nature names, and tons more lists to help you find the perfect name for your baby! Once you find the must-have name, easily save it to your favorites list and see what it looks like with a middle name and last name.


• Over 60,000 boy and girl names
• Idea lists
• Super search: by name, meaning, popularity, characters
• Super search: by gender or random
• Browse for names by origin
• Browse for names by popularity
• Details: pronunciation, meaning, gender, famous people
• More Details: origin, popularity
• See detailed information about each name
• Shows number of births, percentage of births
• Shows popularity rankings
• Create, edit, and reorder your own favorites list
• Share favorites
• Add a middle name or last name
• Add your own name
• Intuitive Interface

Baby Names has continually been the #1 baby naming app in the App Store and we value your feedback. Please write us with suggestions and comments.


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  • Derric W.

    Great idea! I used a baby book during my college writing classes. It’s nice to see I wasn’t alone.

    Keep up the great work!

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