Apps & Accessories from my MojoFest Presentation

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Thanks to everyone who came out for this year’s MojoFest in Galway, Ireland. It was an incredible event overflowing with talented, creative and friendly people from around the globe.

I know I tend to speak quickly while on stage (there’s a lot to cover!), so I thought I’d share a short list of the apps and accessories I mentioned during my presentation. Several of these links are for iPhone/iPad versions of apps, however many of the apps are also available in the Google Play store for Android. It’s worth a search if that’s your platform of choice!

Director’s Viewfinders

Osmo Mobile 2

Director’s Viewfinders

Artemis Pro Director’s Viewfinder
Artemis Prime
Mark II Director’s Viewfinder
Cadrage Director’s Viewfinder

Slate (aka “Clapper”)

Ikan Production Slate
Clapit Slate


Parrot 2 Teleprompter
Parrot Teleprompter App
PromptStart Pro
ProPrompter Studio
Video Teleprompter Premium


Blocker by Afternoon

A big shoutout to @TechforTravelUK for sharing this conference photo. Check then out on Twitter!

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