Month: December 2015


SHOWCASE: “Parametric” Short Shot on iPhone 6 Plus

Here’s an interesting, visual-effects short film that was shot entirely on an iPhone 6 Plus using FiLMiC Pro. Directed by Amila C. Kumarasinghe, and shot by Dumindra Nathash piers, the film has a distinctive, harsh tone that really does a nice job of capitalizing on the iPhone’s digital sensor. The video I’ve embedded above is actually the 1 minute producer’s cut (which I prefer). The full length version is available here.  And, just for good measure, here’s some behind-the-scenes footage. App mentioned in this post:

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Perfect Last Minute Gift for iPhone owning Filmmakers

Are you still running around, trying to find that perfect Christmas gift for your favorite filmmaker? Relax! Hand Held Hollywood is here to help!

We’ve created a handy-dandy iTunes Gift Card Holder that aspiring and experienced filmmakers will absolutely love…and that will make you look like a gift-giving champ! Not only is it fun and festive, it also features convenient shortcuts (URLs and QR codes) to some of our favorite filmmaking apps.

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MoviePro has just turned 5!

MoviePro ($4.99), a popular video camera app for iPhone, just hit the big five-point-oh. This powerful app has been around since 2012, and has seen a steady string of updates.  According to the developer, Version 5 brings a truckload (my word, not theirs) of bug fixes and a few welcome enhancements including: Directly record video in Camera Roll without delays in copying files. Additional option “Move Video to Camera Roll” in savings option in app library. If you save recordings in App Library, you will find this feature handy to move one or many videos to camera roll in one go without delays

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The Apple Watch Can Now Control GoPro Cameras

After months of user anticipation, GoPro has finally a major update to their iOS app.  This new version brings many slick tweaks, but the most exciting new feature is the ability to control your camera (and preview its shots) directly from your Apple Watch! NoFilmSchool.com has published an overview of the new update: While this certainly isn’t the cheapest way to operate a GoPro, if you’ve already got an Apple watch, it’s definitely one of the more convenient ways instead of pulling out your phone — though you’ll still need that for uploading footage if you choose to do that right away. Check our their full

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